Wooden rice scoop / round handle ladle / left-handed

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Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho manufactures rice scoops and cooking spatulas in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture, which has been designated as a World Heritage Site. Pursuing manufacturing that is close to modern life, making use of traditional woodworking techniques through ingenious techniques and ingenuity. This is a rice scoop for rice that is very easy to hold by giving a bulge to the handle. In addition, because the face part is deformed into a naname, it is also easy to scoop rice.

Dimensions Overall: Approximately W201 x D65 x H16 mm
Spatula part: Approximately 101 mm in length
Material Sakura
Weight 40g
Production area Hiroshima Prefecture

Due to the nature of the natural wood used as the material and the nature of the manufacturing process, the expression, texture, and texture of each grain are different. These are all individual differences that occur because they are made by human hands. Please enjoy each and every taste.

We only sell products that meet the manufacturer's quality standards, so we cannot accept returns or exchanges for the reasons mentioned above. Please be aware of this before ordering.

・You can use it for a longer time with simple care such as applying dry cooking oil. Please clean it if necessary.
・Sakura, a tree species, is tough because it is hard and elastic and has a fine texture. It becomes reddish over time.
・The finish is unpainted. No insect repellents or preservatives are used.

・ Wash with water before use.
・Since natural wood is used, please dry it thoroughly after use.

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