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Ji Bitsu/24cm

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Each ji bitsu (regional rice chest) is carefully made by experienced craftsmen using selected domestic Kiso sawara cypress. It can carry a large capacity of approximately 7 go (a Japanese unit for a cup of rice), perfect for serving large families or guests on a special day. It is common for rice to get dried up and lose its delicious flavor if you keep it inside an electric rice cooker, however, if you use this ohitsu to store rice, it will not only keep the umami flavors but will also further enhance the taste.

Kiso sawara cypress is highly resistant to water and acid, and also known for its excellent air permeability and water absorption. This natural material will also enable humidity control that brings out the rice’s sweetness. Your appetite will be stimulated by the smell of freshly cooked rice with the scent of the sawara cypress which is slightly more subtle than that of Japanese cedar or Japanese cypress. Large in size but light and easy to use, the ohitsu is also quite firm as it is securely fixed by a copper taga (loop). Originally the traditional ohitsu of the Kansai region, ji bitsu has a lid with a handle which makes it easy to use and is classical in style. Filled with ideas of our ancestors and ecologically friendly, this product will improve with continued use. Rice will taste delicious even after it has cooled, and this is another reason why this product is popular. 

・Do not use a dishwasher,microwave oven.
・Be sure to remove the acne before use.
・Wipe with a wet dishcloth before use to prevent odor, color transfer, and darkening.
・Wash with water or hot water, wipe off moisture, and dry in a well-lit place.
・If you use detergent, use a mild kitchen detergent to wash it.
・Direct sunlight can cause cracks and rattling, so dry it in the shade.

Place of origin Gifu,JAPAN
Dimensions lid:D25.5×H4.1cm
Height with lid:H20.1cm
Weight lid:370g
Capacity 7gou
Material body:Sawara cypress