Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiri Kome Bitsu/5kg
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiri Kome Bitsu/5kg
Load image into Gallery viewer, Kiri Kome Bitsu/5kg

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Kiri Kome Bitsu/5kg

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This Kiri Kome Bitsu (rice bin made from paulownia wood) is an ideal storage container for rice. To cook delicious rice, not only should you consider what tools and cooking methods to use but the correct storage method as well. Although it is not very obvious to the eye, rice gets spoiled with time. By storing rice in a kome bitsu, you can enjoy delicious rice every day. Yamaichi makes full use of paulownia for making this product. Paulownia does not bend or deform easily and is very light and nonflammable.

The wood is also dampproof and repels insects. If you store rice for a long period of time, the oxidation rate of starch and fat increases due to the influence of humidity and temperature causing the loss of taste and flavor. However, by storing rice in a Kiri Kome Bitsu that can control humidity, freshness will be protected and rice will be kept at its best state. In addition, paulownia contains tannins that have an antibacterial effect and can prevent mold or insects. This product is made without using a single nail, meaning it is highly sealed and will not allow the entry of insects but still has great air permeability. The 5kg kome bitsu is recommended for people who live alone or in twos. 

・Do not use a dishwasher,microwave oven.
・Be sure to remove the acne before use.
・Wipe with a wet dishcloth before use to prevent odor, color transfer, and darkening.
・Wash with water or hot water, wipe off moisture, and dry in a well-lit place.
・If you use detergent, use a mild kitchen detergent to wash it.
・Direct sunlight can cause cracks and rattling, so dry it in the shade.

Place of origin Gifu,JAPAN
Dimensions lid:W32.5×D20.3×H4.8cm
Masu Cup:W8.1×D8.1×H5.4cm
Height with lid:H22cm
Weight lid:370g
Masu Cup:40g
Capacity 5kg
Material Paulownia