3 Benefits of bamboo chopsticks!

3 Benefits of bamboo chopsticks!

Today, we would like to introduce benefits of bamboo chopsticks.


1. Easy to hold

Even if you have bamboo chopsticks, you won't get tired at all!


2. Durable

Bamboo chopsticks have good flexibility, so they are hard to break

and are easy to handle the weight of food.


3. Hard to slip

Beans are not slippery, and small fish bones can be removed.


Craftsmen make each one by hand...!(Ouchi Kougei)


Bamboo chopsticks also make your work look beautiful.

If you have never used Bamboo Chopsticks, please try it !

You can see how easy it is to use bamboo chopsticks;)


▼Ouchi kougei's chopsticks ▼



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