Bamboo chopsticks and saibashi from Oita prefecture

Bamboo chopsticks and saibashi from Oita prefecture

It is Ouchi Kogei located in Hita City, Oita Prefecture that produces bamboo chopsticks.

The Hida area is located in the west of Fukuoka Prefecture and in the south of Oita Prefecture in , which forms a basin.

The climate is inland, and the characteristic temperature difference is raising the hard bamboo suitable for crafts.

In this area, household goods such as chopsticks, spoons and rice scoops using high quality bamboo are produced.

While other companies mechanized the work process, Ouchi Kougei has been in a position to handcraft one by one, and the "bamboo products" designed with the use of materials pursue simple and easy to use.

This is Saibashi which is bigger and longer pair of chopsticks using for cooking or serving food.
This Ouchi's saibashi with the beveled cut square tips and bold holding section is one of the most popular products.


Ouchi Kogei:




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