Bizen ware

Bizen ware "DAIKURA" - A Future Spinned by Parents and Children -

Bizen ware is made from only earth and flames.

I went to Okayama to ask Mr. Ogawa of the Bizen store DAIKURA.


Bizen ware is a type of pottery without glaze.

The unique flavor comes from the soil and the fire.
The color is simple but somehow elegant.

And it is a mysterious pottery that makes the water mellow, as there is an old legend that says, "Bizen Mizugame (Mizugama): The water does not rot.".

DAIKURA is run by a family, and the 3 of us, father, mother and son, keep the tradition.

Your mother (and two cats) manages the store, and your father and son are making pottery together.

There is a workshop at the back of the shop, and they are making things day and night.


Ogawa's obsession with Bizen ware is extraordinary.

For example, Daikura products are characterized by beautiful hidasuki, but we are also particular about straw to create a beautiful pattern, and we devise ways to soften it.

It was a process of trial and error before the beautiful Bizen ware was completed. I can't help being fascinated.


Three hours passed quickly while we were talking...

At present, tumblers are our main products, but I was impressed that you told me that you would like to try bowls and plates in the future.


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