Difference between

Difference between "Iron kettle" and "Kyusu"

Do you know the difference between "Tetsubin" and "Kyusu"?

Today, we would like to explain about it.

-What kind of tool is an "iron kettle"?

The iron kettle is a tool for "boiling hot water". Therefore, in general, many of them are larger than Kyusu. It can be used by warming it with an open flame. In addition, you can get iron that is easily absorbed by the body from hot water boiled in an iron kettle.The water becomes mellow, and drinks such as tea and coffee can be brewed deliciously.

* The main purpose is to boil water
* Can be heated by open flame
* You can take iron
* The water becomes mellow

-What kind of tool is "Kyusu"?

Kyusu is a tool for "brewing tea". In other words, it's almost the same as a teapot.
For this reason, many of them have enamel inside and are enamel-processed. 

However, although it is okay to put hot things in it, the kyusu itself cannot be heated by an open flame.It is also easy to clean due to the processing applied to the inside.

* The main purpose is to make tea
* Cannot be heated by open flame
* Enamel processing makes it relatively easy to clean.
* Has a heat retaining effect
* The color of the tea leaves is beautiful.


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