Make rice more delicious with a rice scoop!

Make rice more delicious with a rice scoop!

The rice scoop is used to scoop and mix rice.
It is a tool used when mixing vinegar and rice when making sushi rice.

Today, plastic rice scoops are often used, but before the Edo period, it was customary to use "wooden rice scoops".

Do you know where Japan's number one wooden rice scoop is produced?
It is Miyajima in Hiroshima prefecture.

Around 1789-1801, there was a monk named Seishin at Komyoin in Miyajima.

The monk was for Miyajima, who had no main industry in Miyajima at that time.
First, make a rice scoop that is similar in shape to the biwa held by "Itsukushima Benzaiten"
from the sacred tree of Miyama.
It all started when I recommended the islanders to sell it as a souvenir for visiting Miyajima.

The rice scoop made in Miyajima
since it is a rice scoop made of natural materials, it does not have an unpleasant chemical odor, and the slightly fragrant wood scent enhances the rice even more deliciously.
You may have the image that wooden scoops are easy to get rice on, but
if you soak it in water shortly before using it, the rice scoop will contain water and it will be difficult for rice grains to stick to it.

There are more than 30 types of rice scoops produced by Miyajima Kogei Seisakusho.

There are many types of cooking spatulas, such as rice scoops for rice, turners, soup spatulas, slicers, and perforated ones.The material is all made of "Sakura" wood from the Chugoku region (domestic), and it is hard and has few edges, so it can be used for 10 to 20 years.Of course, because it is made of wood, it will not melt or damage the frying pan during cooking.

 Long-lasting and environmentally friendly!

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