Rikushou Ogasawara -

Rikushou Ogasawara - "Nambu Tekki" inherited as Japanese traditional b

Mizusawa area in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, where a beautiful river flows and is surrounded by nature.

Mizusawa area has continued as a iron casting town for over 400 years.
It is loved by the name of "Nambu Tekki(it means Southern iron ware) "and boasts excellent convenience as a household item.

The reason for "Nambu Tekki" has being loved for many years is in the timeless design.

"Nambu Tekki" tea pot was made more than 400 years ago, and the practicality of "hard to cool" and "the taste is finished gently" was evaluated and spread.

The iron ware brand "Rikucho Ogasawara" is said to have become a pioneer in Japanese craft design, including the production of modern designs, while inheriting the classic "Nambu Tekki" iron jar technique.

Rikucho Ogasawara was born in Mizusawa, Iwate Prefecture in 1929 and has been making ironware for over 60 years.

Easy to use even in iron casting, sticking to the universal shape and iron skin, brought up the modern design of different materials such as wood and hemp.

Every tool created by imagining the cooking and life scene gives us the pleasure of using it.

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