What is Magewappa ?

What is Magewappa ?

Magewappa is a vessel made by bending raw wooden boards such as sugi and cypress into curved lines using a special technique, binding the seams with wild cherry tree skin, and attaching a bottom.

Depending on the region, the material may be sugi, cypress, other wood, lacquer, etc., but the method of making it is slightly different, but it is made of 100% wood.

What is the secret of Magewappa's popularity?

Delicious even when cold

Rice packed in a plastic bento box becomes sticky over time, but the rice in Magewappa stands like freshly cooked rice. Wood, which is the material of magewappa, has the property of absorbing moisture in the humid summer and releasing it in the dry winter, and has the effect of controlling humidity. Hinokiya and Sugi also have a bactericidal effect, so they do not rot even in the summer and have the advantage of being safe!

The dishes look delicious

Magewappa has a depth, so the side dishes look three-dimensional. If you fill the rice with red, blue, yellow, black, and white side dishes in a colorful way, anyone can make a delicious bento! 

Light and durable

When you use it, you will be amazed at how light the bento bento is. The lunch box itself has no weight because it is made of wood. Also, one of the attractions is that it lasts longer than a plastic lunch box. The more you use it, the tighter the wood becomes and the more durable it becomes. As a result, plain wood and lacquered lunch boxes can be used for decades if properly cared for.

How to use Magewappa?

★Let the rice cool before packing

Please dry overnight or more and pack in a dry lunch box. Magewappa that remains wet cannot breathe well.

★Hand wash and dry after use

Wash the used bento lunch box as soon as possible. When washing, it is basically hand-washing, and you cannot use a dishwasher. You can use detergent, but use a small amount.

※If you get mold or odor, wash it with hot water and dry it separately for a few days. If you still can't get rid of the odor, you may be able to get rid of it by washing it with sencha several times.

*sencha = green tea



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