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In Marubashira Teratani (Marubashira, Iga City, Mie Prefecture) during the Nara Period, a kiln was built to create sacred jugs for Amaterasu Omikami enshrined in Ise Jingu. This is the beginning of Iga ware pottery and in its birthplace,

Iga Marubashira is where dorakugama kiln pottery has continued for eight generations. Made in a region blessed with fine quality clay gives the pottery a sense of warmth and power of earth. Additionally, they have high heat storage.

Dorakugama has continued for generations since the Edo Period, and a skilled craftworker creates each pottery with great care using a hand-powered wheel.

Traditions of tea pottery are inherited in pottery making, and works vary from simple everyday pottery to earthen pots which improves with long-term use. The pots are especially known as excellent cooking tools for hot pot dishes and are popular for being able to cook delicious fluffy rice.

Each pottery is made by hand and cannot be mass produced but this is why every product has its own character. Dorakugama’s eighth owner also works as a cook specialist, and is the son of the celebrated pottery artist and seventh owner, Fukumori Masatake.

The works created by the eighth owner captures the hearts of many pottery fans.
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Copper Grater for box-shaped radish with saucer. Inside the saucer, there is a removable net. It is the simplicity that can be put out to the table as a box.It is copper Grater of the functionality...