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Kanaya Brush
“Kanaya Brush” was established in 1914 in Asakusa, Tokyo. It was initially called, “Ouchi Brush Shop”, and they manufactured industrial brushes and painting brushes.

Their name changed to “Kanaya Brush” in 1982. Since then, they have been manufacturing and selling a wide variety of brushes from brushes for craftsmen to household brushes. Kanaya exerts special attention in selecting their materials; natural animal bristles such as those of horses and pigs are used.

The most popular product is the horse bristle toothbrush.

The tips will get scraped off with continued use to become more and more comfortable to brush, and will keep the damage to your teeth and gums to a minimum.

Natural bristles have resilience so they will not spread apart, making them possible to use for a long time. Compared to nylon toothbrushes, you only need a tiny bit of toothpaste as they are easier to lather.

Another popular Kanaya product is the hairbrush.

Hairbrushes are usually prone to creating static electricity that removes moisture from hair, however, Kanaya’s hairbrushes made from pig and boar bristles can keep hair shiny and healthy. Additionally, pet grooming brushes also made from pig bristles provide your pets with just the right amount of stimulation.

With a history of over 100 years, Kanaya Brush will keep making fine brushes with care in order to remain an integral part of your everyday life.