Marusansikki/Hidehira lacquerware

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Marusansikki/Hidehira lacquerware
Marusansikki, established in 1904, is a workshop of Hidehira Nuri (Hidehira lacquerware) that manages all procedures from wood turning to decoration by the hands of the craftsmen.

Its history can be traced back to the Heian Period at the time when Oushu Fujiwara was at the height of his power in Ouu Region.

Fujiwara no Hidehira asked to have gorgeous vessels created using Japanese lacquer and gold, and this is said to be the beginning of Hidehira Nuri.

In the surrounding areas of the Chusonji Temple located in Hiraizumi-cho in Iwate Prefecture, lacquerwares passed down from the older generation were called “Hidehira Nuri”.

They began to be used as special vessels in various ceremonial occasions.

Motifs often included in Hidehira Nuri are floating clouds (seen in ukiyo-e paintings of The Tale of Genji) and traditional design motifs of the court.

Auspicious flower crests are also added to wish for the prosperity of descendants. The bright patterns are perfect for celebrations, but they are also durable, light and have high heat retention. In recent years, they launched a brand to explore new possibilities of lacquerware which led to the production of lacquer painted glasses and lacquerware for everyday use.

Lacquerware making is gradually becoming mechanized, but Marusansikki based in Ichinoseki City of Iwate Prefecture, is different. Its workshop is the only Hidehira Nuri workshop where traditions are maintained by skillful craftsmen to handle all procedures involved in the creation of Hidehira Nuri.