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Based in Takaoka City of Toyama Prefecture, NAGAE+ is a lifestyle brand derived from Arts & Techno NAGAE, the all-round manufacturer of craftsmanship(monozukuri). Ever since the city was found in 1609, Takaoka has developed as a town of commerce and industry under the policies of the third head of the Kaga Maeda Family, being involved in traditional industry such as Takaoka copperware and Takaoka lacquerware, and taking pride in its advanced metal processing technology.

NAGAE+ has carried on the history of monozukuri which has continued over 400 years, with their philosophy being a “plus” that can contribute to the growth of people, crafts, and things.

They launched products which plused the modernity of the times and advanced technology to the technology of traditional Japanese crafts. Products include accessories, self-care items, interior decoration items and tableware, all which are rather unusual but in a good way.

Skillfully combining the traditional method with advanced technology, the products are like artworks yet very practical. It is often the case that innovative design neglects functionality, however, NAGAE+ manages to balance them out. Their excellent product design has a well-established reputation and is drawing global attention.