Osaka Suzuki

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Osaka Suzuki
Osaka Suzuki established in 1949 specializes in the manufacturing of tinware. Traditional craftsmen (five craftsmen in particular certified by the country), follow the traditional procedures and make each tinware with care.

Tinware used to be as precious as gold and silver and were used for creating ritualistic devices for shrines, as well as vessels in the imperial court. In the Edo Period, tinware spread among the general public and developed as Osaka’s manufacturing industry.

Polished with care, the products have a soft luster. Popular products include tea utensils, flower vases, chopstick rests, stationary, and drinking vessels for both Japanese sake and western liquors.

Apart from their lustrous beauty, they are known for their durability; tinware does not break and can be used almost permanently.

They are also safe to use because they do not rust, even in water and are capable of removing unfavorable flavors from water or alcohol drinks.

Osaka Suzuki aims to produce items that will last for a lifetime.