Soejima Glassware/Hizen Vidro

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Soejima Glassware/Hizen Vidro
Soejima Glassware Company was established in 1903. Beginning with “Hizen Vidro”, they manufacture and sell tableware and interior items such as glassware.

Hizen Vidro or hand-blown glass is a traditional craft which has been designated as Saga City's Important Intangible Cultural Property.

It began in the late Edo Period when the tenth lord of the Saga Domain established a “Seirenkata” (science research institute) and built a kiln for glass.

Lab instruments such as beakers and flasks were made until in the Meiji Period, the production shifted to lamps and tableware.

Around the same time, Seirenkata became a private company and eventually became an independent company called, “Soejima Glassware Company”.

One of the hand-blowing techniques is called, "Jappanbuki". Soejima Glassware Company applies this technique and uses two glass blowing rods instead of an iron pontil to shape the glass so that it does not come into contact with anything other than air. This contributes to the smooth surface of the glass.

While we live in a period where everything is becoming mechanized, Soejima Glassware Company follows the techniques from the Edo Period and passes on its tradition.

Its workshop is also the only Hizen Vidro Workshop in the country that follows the traditions from the past.